Below are some key screenshots of the GUI, aiming to give the user a brief inside on SynBioSS:

Figure 1. The main SynBioSS DS window. Upon launch, the user is presented with only two options. Load a model or create a model.

Model load dialog

Figure 2. The file open dialog box. This is where a user may choose either an SBML or NetCDF file.

Figure 3. The main SynBioSS DS window after loading a model. The loaded model is cleared if the user clicks the “Clear the model” button. Also note that once a model is loaded or created, the button to set simulation parameters becomes active as well.

Figure 4. The model editor window. The model contains two reactions and one species. The list of all reactions is shown on the left, and the list of species is shown on the right. Properties of the species are edited from the right panel. Reaction properties are edited by first selecting a reaction and then clicking the “Modify” button.

Figure 5. The reaction detail dialog box. Clicking “Add” or “Modify” in the model editor window. From this window all the details of the reaction may be changed. The labels x0 through xn, k0 through kn, correspond to the same entries in the reaction rate expression.

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