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I am happy to announce that we’ve finally hit 1.0!

SynBioSS DS 1.0 fixes all of the major bugs in the previous beta version. It now presents the chemical equation for each reaction as well as the reaction name. Additionally, SBML export is now fully supported.

So, go get the Windows installer!

The source code and versions for Linux and Mac will be up shortly.

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The steady creep towards 1.0 continues with

The installer can be found here: SynBioSS DS Download at SourceForge.

Please download this and test it, so we can continue to get the bugs worked out.

In this release, the following have been fixed:

  • SynBioSS DS no longer crashes when a simulation is re-run.
  • Importing from a NetCDF model allows spaces in reaction and species names.
  • Modifying a reaction no longer creates a duplicate reaction.
  • The “Export Model” button is now active. This is primarily intended for users of Hy3S on supercomputers, as it allows you to save the .nc file necessary to upload.
  • The simulation progress bar no longer jumps all the way to done immediately.
  • The internal Hy3S is now at 1.1.4 — fixing a bug in the stoichiometry code when a species is both a product and reactant.
  • The GTK, GLIB, etc libraries have been updated to their latest versions.

Examples of models can be found on the main page.

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Don’t use I made a mistake in the compilation and then didn’t test it enough.

The simulation exececutables run out of memory very quickly and just crash. should fix all of this.

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0.9.3 is short-lived. Mostly due to severe bugs in the handling of Hy3S NetCDF files and the subprocess management.

0.9.4 is out now.

Click here to download SynBioSS DS.

Report SynBioSS DS bugs here.

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A lot has been fixed in this release — we still have a bit to go, though.

Most notably, the SBML import code should be more robust, and we’ve included the new adaptive simulation algorithms described here:

Please uninstall any old versions before installing this one.

Download here:

Report bugs here:

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SynBioSS is still in alpha, but we’ve launched the website so you can find out more about SynBioSS. As soon as SynBioSS enters beta status, you’ll be able to find out here!

In the meantime, look around to find out more about SynBioSS.

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